Marathon men

For the very first time the Giants were still playing by the time I got home tonight.

By the time they start night games at home, I’m in the middle of my shift on the sports desk at t he Vallejo Times-Herald. When the game is over I’m scrambling to stick it on the front page before the 10:30 deadline or dealing with other business after all my pages are out.

Well tonight I stepped into my car and  turned on the radio. To my delight the Giants  just started the 11th inning and by the 13th I slipped into bed with my pajamas on blogging for all of you after a Giants win. San Francisco were the marathon men tonight and tomorrow I begin my own version of a 13 inning game tomorrow.

Before the game even played an inning the Major League baseball draft was under way. The Giants drafted Joe Panik out of St. John’s and later the high schooler Tyler Crick, a right handed pitcher out Texas in the first round. Well tomorrow is round 2, but I’ll be covering the proceedings for on my day off.

It’ll be a long drive to Foster City to meet with my cohorts at, but I look forward to the challenge of of getting to know all the future draft picks for the Giants. I expect it to be a grind, but also a lot of fun and by the end of the day, you can bet I’ll be an expert on the draft picks you’ve probably never heard of.