Taming the Muse is…

an ongoing experiment in writing whose aim is to hone a style designed to grab your attention and not let go. The subject for this experiment — productivity and creativity.

This blog is for the process oriented and born from the belief that focusing on the small, mundane and no-brained things will lead to a better quality of life in our professional world. Reading should leave you better equipped to improve the way you work whether that means discovering a different way to see the world or some plain old practical advice.

Much of what’s written here reflects my experiences working as a writer, but it is really here for any working professional interested in keeping their sanity in a world that grows more complicated the higher you go.


Taming the Muse is also…

dedicated to the creative people whose passion are their careers and will be tailored toward helping them do so in a manner that won’t drive them crazy. The articles here are geared toward living with few defined edges between life & work and being at peace with this lifestyle.

The types of articles you may find here will help:

  • Discover a life philosophy that will help you stay grounded no matter what.
  • Examining the different cultures and subcultures we inhabit in daily life.
  • Acquire and hone the skills necessary to stay organized in our personal and professional lives.
  • Examine the ongoing story lines and narratives that shape our lives and put them into context.


The author of Taming the Muse is…

Someone who loves words and ideas. My professional background is in journalism, graphic design with some time as an Adult Residential Facility administrator sprinkled in. I’m also a geek that has written about video games, sports and anime. My current focus is on productivity and philosophy for creative professionals.


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