Art & Business of Creativity- The return engagement

Its been two years since this blog received an update and that is far too long for a good thing to be idle for. Perhaps that’s my fault, I simply wasn’t ready to sit down and fully realize something like The Art and Business of Creativity, but the concept resonates even stronger now than it did back then.

The Art and Business of Creativity returns today and this time I assure that it isn’t going away. I’ve gotten to a point both personally and professionally where a project like this one is now possible.

So what exactly is The Art and Business of Creativity?

Essentially it’s a platform to talk about careers, but personally it’s a reminder of what a career is supposed to be. I once thought that my personal and professional life is supposed to be separated. It felt as if the pursuit of my professional goals were ultimately going to be at odds with my personal values. They don’t have to be and to make such a compromise leads to the stress and malaise on both fronts.

In the simplest terms, this blog intends to prove that the work we do can be just as satisfying to the soul as it is to the pocket book.

I’ve spent much of my career as a journalist, working in newsrooms and skype rooms alike covering everything from video games to sports. The subjects and stories that will come out of this will run the gamut, but one thread will tie them together. There is value and inspiration in telling the stories of those who pursue their passion in a way that is both personally and professionally fulfilling. I simply want to prove to myself and others with this blog that doing both are possible.