Tim Tebow’s popularity a dual question

People ask the wrong questions when it comes Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and his immense popularity. The one that makes sense to most football fans is whether he will be an NFL caliber quarterback or not. That’s something you measure and valuate with any types of numbers you want whether it’s wins or passer rating and really draw your own conclusions.

The other question is whether you agree with his lifestyle or not. To put it bluntly it’s “Are you Christian or not?” NFL players that tout their religion are nothing new and completely within their right to do, but Tebow is unique in the sense he’s quite open with it.

That makes a distraction that most NFL players would never want to deal with because it is an added layer of pressure in an already stressful profession. It takes a real person of character to be handle the scrutiny of mixing religion and your professional life.

Whether or not you relate the eye black with bible verses, missionary work in other countries, his belief in God…or not…will color your opinion of him. In other words, when you start tugging at what people think think is fundamentally right and wrong, you will always get people falling on two sides.

Whether or not 161 yards, two rushing touchdowns and a fourth quarter comeback are enough to convince you he is a NFL legend or not is a separate and more comfortable question for most sports fans.