Character Sketch: Celia DeBerg

Part II- Celia DeBerg

“I was going 100 in a 65 zone because my client
is far more important than you are. Can I go now officer?”

-Celia DeBerg, traffic stop in the middle of Highway 99

Celia DeBerg was in her office reviewing contract terms for a transfer of power between Rashard Miller and his father Alton. She sat back in her cushy leather executive chair twirling a silver pen in her right hand as she reviewed the dense set of legalese that flickered on the screen of her laptop.

Celia was a Partner at the law of firm Isen & DeBerg, which her father Josef founded along with Darryl Isen. She served the Singher family as their legal advisors, charged with protecting their wealth and the spirits contracted to them in Yggsdrasil.

Celia grew still the further she read into the contract. By the time she reached the signature on the bottom, her face wasn’t far from the screen, a hint of a frown creasing her face. She blonde hair that fell to her shoulders and fair white skin with intense green eyes that couldn’t stand seeing Rashard Miller’s signature in definitive black ink on the page.

This would be a mess that would no doubt fall upon her to solve. Patrons like Alton Miller aren’t gunned down in senseless acts of violence. This was murder by proxy and there was a spirit involved. The Executive Board would call for investigation at the next meeting and that fell upon the Bridge Association.

Her pen lay next to the slim silver keyboard, the Bridge Association emblem etched on the clip as a thin blip of color on a shaft of silver. It was two pens crossed and split in half by a blade set on a checkered crest of black and gold. She looked at it and sighed, knowing that ink would flow for good or ill very soon.

I really enjoyed writing Celia into this story. It’s an example how rules can actually help create a strong character. After working through most of the rules for the world of Goddess INC, I reaize much of the action would take place in offices. It would be people talking to each other.

No way that could carry the action for a Fantasy novel so I came up with the Bridges as a way of connecting Patrons with the spirit world. It  pretty much extends the role that lawyers play for Corporation. They are charged with protected the assets of those that employ them.

Celia is naturally inclined to protect people and if you think about it, the best lawyers are the one that will go that far for your clients and the more money there is the higher the stakes. Her plot line is more action oriented and she will be a really prominent figure.